Original Kodak Box Camera

Introduced in 1888. This is the first camera to use roll film.
Made for the Eastman Dry Plate company by Frank Brownell.
It came factory loaded with 100 exposures.

Kodak Box. Though not the first roll film camera (nor even the first box camera), the Kodak was certainly the first successful roll film camera, both in terms of its mechanical operation and its popularity with the public. George Eastman's original 1888 roll-film camera revolutionized amateur photography. Amateurs' snapshots had a charm and appeal that many professionals' lacked. Kodak's introduced this camera with the slogan : "You press the button we do the rest". It measures 3.25" by 3.75" by 6.5". The lens is a fixed focus f/9 rapid rectilinear made by Bausch and Lomb. The shutter is cylindrical, surrounding the lens. It was cocked by spring wind. The speed was 1/20th of a second. Instead of a film counter, the camera owner was provided with a book for keeping records of the exposures. When its 100-exposure roll was completed, the camera was mailed back to the company, where the film was developed and stripped from its paper base, the negatives printed and the camera loaded with new film - all for $10.


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