image by philip brigandi

The September 1940 issue of Everyday Photography features an article on "Philip Brigandi - Stereo Wizard" describing his 40-year career as a photographer. Perhaps his chief wizardry, though, was that as late as 1940 Brigandi continued to make a living from stereo photography - primarily through his work with the Keystone View Company.

Born in Messina, Sicily on February 19, 1873, Brigandi moved with his parents to Alexandria, Egypt at the age of seven months. Raised and educated in an Italian language school there, he showed promise as an artist at an early age.

In 1888, however - when he was 15 - Brigandi turned to another form of art: fencing. After three years of study he enlisted in the Italian Army, " order to master in the thorough way the art of fencing." He also studied at the Academia National di Scherma in Naples, one of the two schools in Italy that could confer the degree of Fencing master, which he received September 22, 1894.

Phillip Brigandi is the great-grandson of Philip Brigandi

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