Born April 15, 1856, in La Salle, Illinois. Died July 24, 1916, in Altadena, California. Vroman started working for the Railroad in 1874. In 1892, to improve his wife's health, they moved to Pasadena, California. In 1894 after the death of his wife, he entered into a partnership with J.S. Glasscock and opened a book and photographic supply store. The store prospered and Vroman's Bookstore still operates in Pasadena today.

Dwellers at the Source. by William Webb & Robert A.Weinstein, Albuquerque 1987, has lots of information on Vroman and his photographs. They indicate the negative numbers beginning with V are from the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum and the SWM numbers are from the Southwest Museum. Numbers in parentheses were assigned by Vroman. If a Dwellers number is shown, it indicates the print or explanation number in the book.

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