Women Photographers
Photo by Yolanda Andrade


Yolande Andrade,
Terry and Federico
as Actresses,
Both Yolanda Andrade and Lourdes Grobet photograph aspects of their native Mexico.

Photo by Yolanda AndradeYolanda Andrade is a street photographer, who in this case has photographed transvestites.

Much like Diane Arbus, Andrade has the ability to capture the extaordinary in the ordinary, though Andrade's photographs are far more humanistic than those of Arbus. (At left: Yolanda Andrade, Roberto Cabo as Manuela, 1978.)

Lourdes Grobet
depicts the popular women wrestlers of Mexico.

Many of her photographs are taken in Tijuana, where professional wrestling is a large and thriving subculture. Her photographs have a theatrical character, the players dressed in costumes and masks, engaged in dramatic action.. Grobet's portrayal of these women wrestlers shows them at work in the ring but also at their other jobs and at home with family.

Photo by Lourdes Grobet

Lourdes Grobet, La Doble Lucha, 1981-2

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