Women Photographers
Photo by Alma LavensonPhoto by Frances Benjamin Johnston

UCR / California Museum of Photography's Women Photographers website is an extensive survey project drawing on images from UCR/CMP's collections, associated with the exhibition Independent Visions, January 23, 1999 through May 2, 1999. It is curated by Karen Barber, with support from UCR/CMP staff.

(A panel discussion was held at the museum Saturday, March 20, 1999.)

Photo historians will recognize that this site includes images by some of the best-known names in the history of the medium as well as significant or exemplary images by other less famous photographers. This site is intended to contribute material to the body of knowledge in the field, providing a substantial educational resource on the world wide web. There are notable omissions here, of course, as the UCR / CMP collection is by no means comprehensive.

The site contains the following chapters:

"What a Woman Can
Do With a Camera"
Frances Benjamin Johnston

Artistic Portraiture:
Julia Margaret Cameron

Photography as Art:
Pictorialism to Photo Secession
(Part I: Gertrude Kasebier and
Alice Boughton)

Photography as Art:
Pictorialism to Photo Secession
(Part II: Bessie Buehrmann and
Anne W. Brigman)

Documentary Photography:
Berenice Abbott and Marion Palfi

Portraiture in Publication
Louise Dahl Wolfe and
Kate Matthews

Photographer as Subject:
Alma Lavenson and
Imogen Cunningham

Critical Self-Portraiture:
The Photographs of Anne Noggle

Karen Truax, Kenda North
and Rita Dibert

The Work of Susan Meisalas

The Work of Mary Ellen Mark

The Work of Rosalind Solomon

The Reminiscent Landscape:
Linda Connor

Redefining Landscape Part I:
Catherine Wagner and
Laurie Brown

Redefining Landscape Part II:
Sant Khalsa and Laura Cohen

Graciela Iturbide and
Mariana Yampolsky

Yolande Andrade and Lourdes Grobet

Photographic Constructions:
Olivia Parker

The Work of Barbara Morgan

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(Above, left: Alma Lavenson, Self Portrait, 1932. Above, right: Frances Benjamin Johnston, Untitled, no date.)

All images are copyright by the artist or by UC Regents, 1999, all rights reserved.

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