Women Photographers
Photo by Alma LavensonPhoto by Frances Benjamin Johnston

UCR / California Museum of Photography's Women Photographers website was curated by Karen Barber. The text was written by Karen Barber and edited by Ted Fisher, UCR / CMP's Curator of Digital Media. The site design was a collaboration.

The project owes a debt of gratitude to:

Jonathan Green, Steve Thomas, Kevin Boyle, Cynthia Morrill, Steve Clugston, Jen Christensen, Jennifer Frias, Kelly Kooser, Emily Briggs, the UCR / CMP web project beta testers, and all the artists, estates, and donors involved.

On the UCR / CMP site, you will also find these projects by women artists:

WomEnhouse -- a collaboration by women artists

Glass Houses -- by Jacalyn Lopez Garcia

Rooftops -- by Jody Zellen

Exile -- by Lisa Bloomfield

Home by Nancy Buchanan

Four pieces -- by Carol Flax
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Women Come to the Front

Mary Ellen Mark

(Above, left: Linda Connor, Smiling Monk, 1977. Above, right: Alma Lavenson, Consuelo Kanaga, no date.)

All images are copyright by the artist or by UC Regents, 1999, all rights reserved.
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