Olivia Parker
Blackbird Aviary

The photographs of Olivia Parker are photographic constructions, often using found materials in a manner reminiscent of a 17th century still life or the 19th century photographic arrangements by Paul Aubry.

Her photographs harken back to her training in art history and painting, where she was influenced by Dutch and Spanish still lifes. Her interest in these areas led to her consciousness of issues of light, texture and arrangement.

Equally important to her work is the painstaking process: Parker does her contact printing on silver chloride paper, then selenium tones for several minutes. The end result result is an image with subtle gradations of color, from beige or gray to very deep blacks.

Deer Site, no date

Weighing the Planets, 1984

All images are copyright by the artist or by UC Regents, 1999, all rights reserved.

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