Japanese dancing has as ancient an origin as Japan itself has, dating back many hundreds of years. Early dances were very simple expressions of the peoples lives. Transformations in dancing brought music as an equal part in performances and the creation of dance-dramas. One type of dance, known as the Kabuki, was started by a woman named O-Kuni, around 1600. Being a Shrine Maiden, she combined the prayer dances she was used to performing with the Noh-Kyogen dances, beginning a cultural revolt against a rigid society. While it's not readily obvious whether these women are Kabuki dancers, it is more than likely that they are performing a dance-drama with musical accompaniment. The musical instrument being played below appears to be a Samisen, a three stringed instrument similar to a guitar, is a common form of accompaniment. Japan, (Three Dancing Girls) Japan, "Dancing Girl" Japan, "Dancing" Japan, (Woman plays musical instrument)