Gates of Nikko, Japan

Nikko, Japan is known historically as a religious center in Japan. Tourists from other countries are even aware of this small city. Within this city are a number of shrines, temples, and mausoleums of Shinto and Buddhist origin. One such site is the mausoleum dedicated to Iyeyasu, 1st Shogun of the Tokugawa Dynasty. Within this mausoleum are a number of gates such as the Yomeimon gate and the Karamon. These gates date from the early seventeenth-century and like the Kokamon and Eaimitsu gates contained within the Temple of Eaimitsu, exemplifies the highest development of applied arts of the Edo period of Japanese history. More so than any other city in Japan, the temples and shrines of Nikko combine the most elaborate decorative effects known in Japan, thus, as these photographs depict, these gates do not represent the true spirit of Japanese architecture, rather the full combination of imported styles.
By: Norman Karlow, Museum Intern Japan, Nikko, "715 Yomeimon Gate at Nikko"
95.1.95 Japan, Nikko, "976 Yomeimon Gate at Nikko" (Close up of the Gate) Japan, Nikko, "Yomeimon Great Gate at Nikko"

95.1.97 Japan, Nikko, "733 Karamon Gate at Nikko" Japan, Nikko, "Kokamon Gate at Nikko" (Priest poses in front)

95.1.96 Japan, Nikko, "No. 434 Gate of Eaimitsu at Nikko"

95.1.102 Japan, Nikko, "Eaimitsu Temple at Nikko" (Man prays at entrance)

95.1.93 Japan, Nikko, "B 87 The Tomb of Buddest Temple Nikko" Japan, Nikko, "Sanbutsudo Temple at Nikko"