Hello and welcome to Hoffer Elementary School! For the past five years we have collaborated with the UCR/California Museum of Photography on photography and related media projects. Hoffer is now one of four schools participating in the museum's VidKids Media Literacy program. What follows is part of this year's discoveries...have fun!

During your visit you will see pictures, hear voices, and read words of young artists from room eight. You can meet them and check out what they do by clicking on words and pictures throughout your tour. Start below and enjoy your visit! Click on any words in color & any picture with a color border. To receive sounds you will need sound software such as SoundMachine.

Meet room eight at Hoffer School in pictures, sounds, and stories. You can meet and hear from us in group pictures or visit us individually. On our individual pages you can see us, hear us, find our stories and pictures we have done throughout the Hoffer pages.

The artists are very busy in Our Studio. Many are creating pictures and images in Fun Photos. Some of our adventures include Photo Montage, Magazine Collage, Angles & Words, and Photoshop Gallery. If you would like to learn more about our movie adventures look into Motion Toys and Video. For the latest in picture books visit our collaborative E-mail books project.

Past and present comes alive in pictures and words with Banning History. You can travel to early Banning or learn about current landmarks.

If you want to know the what, where, how, and whys about our adventures on the internet page this is the place to investigate.

We've been collaborating with the California Museum of Photography for the past five years. For a historical adventure of past exhibitions step right in.

Our class is participating in an internet wind experiment with five other schools from across the United States under the direction of the Franklin Science Institute. Move through our pictures, poetry, and video to learn more about our explorations and discoveries.



send comments and interest in collaborative e-mail projects to Robert Price rprice@cello.gina.calstate.edu third grade teacher at Hoffer Elementary School. Your comments - positive, critical, insight or otherwise are instrumental in the growth of the students. Thank you.


UCR/California Museum of Photography

a really terrific place to explore and who helps make the Hoffer page possible!

At the bottom of every page is a selection to return to this page and/or connect with a link(s) to the page you are on. Forward and backward allow you to move through a student show within a section. Again - your comments are an important part of our learning experience - so tell us what you think!