Meet Room Eight


To meet the class through photographs and sound click here.

To hear the students you will need sound software (e.g. SoundMachine).

To go directly to a students own page select from the names below. When you are visiting a student you may move backward or forward from one student to another or return to this page. The student's page will include information about themselves and link to their photographs, projects, and writings. If there is a color line around their picture &/or their name is in color, click on them and see where you go or what you hear. All stories, poems, photographs, illustrations, scanning, and scanned images are by the students.

Xee Yang - Wendolyn Johnson - Victoria Toro - Tyriek Gibson - Tiffany Sherley - Shao Yang - Ricky Lee - Precious Steward - Peter Lee - Norma Seym - Nolan Briones - Nancy Yang - Mayle Kue - Maila Yang - Kathryn Baird - Julie Martinez - Joseph Santa Cruz - Guadalupe Valencia - Glynn Johnson - Elexis Witness - David Yang - David Espinoza - Charles Hunt - Chai Vang - Carlos Gonzales - Aplaham Yang - Anthony Ward - Anthony Dahl - Amos Yang

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