The students create their own video productions including animation. In groups of three to four they start by deciding on an idea. After storyboarding their idea the students find or create their props. The students are the complete production crew. They use an 8mm video camera and some lighting. The video crew works on their own. To view the videos you will need software such as Simple Player, Movie Player, or MPEG. If you are having difficulty or success with watching our videos please let us know! The following productions are the students first attempts with video - no doubt many interesting new videos will premiere in May as the young artists explore further into the moving picture world.

Apple by David E., Mayle, & Wendolyn (120K).

Baby by David Y., Mayle, & Xee (480K).

Doctor by Chai, Maila, & Norma (885K).

Gorilla by Anthony W., Tyriek, & Victoria (1650K).

Get Back in There by David E., Joseph, & Shao (885K).

Dinos on the Move (255K).

Dentist by Amos, Anthony W., Carlos, Julie, Kathryn, & Victoria (765K).

For more information on video go to the section Mr. Price speaks - What we do.
If you have any comments please contact Robert Price third grade teacher at Hoffer Elementary School.
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