W i n d

Welcome to the Hoffer wind adventures. If you want to see other photographs and videos by the Hoffer students as well as learn more about the artists please use the Hoffer entrance which is part of the VidKids program at the UCR/California Museum of Photography.

Our adventures with wind include hands-on experiments, poetic wanderings, collages, video, wind sounds, and photographs in and around the classroom. After visiting our wind wanderings please leave your own wind words and pictures to be included on our .wind wall.

Wind Words




Wind Wall

While we are learning about wind in our area we are sharing our discoveries and learning with five other schools throughout the United States. The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the coordinator and originator of this terrific project. After visiting our windy pages move to the connections page for a quick click to the Franklin Institute Science Museum and the other wind experience participants.

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