Technical Stuff

In our classroom we have one Macintosh LCIII with a color monitor (8 meg memory), and three vintage black and white Macintosh computers. To capture images we use a Logitech Fotoman digital camera, Video Spigot to capture images with video, Koala digitalizer for use with a video camera (old, slow, and fun), and Apple Color OneScanner for flatbed scanning. We use 8mm video cameras for our video productions. All the students use the equipment listed above. They save their words and images on their own disks. We have a computer lab with Macintosh LCIII and LC575 computers. We use the lab one hour per week as do the other classes at Hoffer. We have a US Robotics 9600 baud modem to access the internet. All our pictures and words are coming to you from the UCR/California Museum of Photography museum server.
If you are unable to access the sounds you can connect to Web66 to download the software SoundMachine.
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