Welcome to the VidKids Media Literacy Program!

VidKids is an outreach program that was initiated by the UCR/California Museum of Photography in 1992. The project gives elementary-age students an opportunity to learn the technical and creative aspects of video and related media. Currently schools.html">four schools are participating in VidKids, with students ranging in age from 1st through 4th grade. VidKids doesn't happen at the museum...it takes places in the classrooms, where students and teachers take part in a year-long series of activities.

What is unique about VidKids?

  • Our goals emphasize process, rather than product
  • VidKids puts kids behind the camera
  • VidKids helps children discover there is more to video than MTV
  • Technology is utilized as a multidisciplinary learning tool
  • VidKids encourages kids to watch television with critical eyes
  • No fancy equipment is required...just a video camera, VCR, and television
  • More about VidKids

  • Why is this stuff important?
  • What is Media Literacy?
  • How does VidKids work?
  • VidKids is supported by the following organizations:

    National Endowment for the Arts
    Riverside Arts Foundation
    S.H. Pierce & Company
    Apple Computer
    Adobe Systems
    MicroNet Technologies

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