FROGS AND TOADS are disappearing. Not only from urban areas, but from high mountain tops and protected tropical forests. Some scientists have suggested that the frog might be an indicator of environmental degradation. Others have countered that there are at least a dozen proposed causes of frog population decline. The disappearance of a given species cannot be correlated with a given environmental factor. Perhaps not. But frogs and toads are dying and undergoing strange mutations at an alarming rate. What does this tell us about human interaction with the environment?

FROGS AND TOADS have been important throughout human history. As symbols of fertility. As indicators of magic or witchcraft. As the "domestic animal of the physiologist." As the beloved hero in children's tales. This site offers an artist's interpretation of both the history of frog/human interactions and the ramifications and possible causes of current population declines. Follow the images for a visual tour. Visit the library for additional information.



The princess was delighted when the frog returned her ball, but when he showed up at the palace the next day, demanding to sit at her table and sleep in her bed....
If You Touch A Frog
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