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The LA Project web site allows you to view photographs taken in chance-selected locations across urban Los Angeles County. You may select photographs by pure chance by clicking on the animated chance area at the left of the main interface. Or, you can select them geographically by clicking on specific areas of the satellite map.

These two interfaces echo the Dada / Surrealist ideas which underlie Chance Encounters: The LA Project. For more than six years photographer Douglas McCulloh has used a system of chance operations to randomly select precise one-quarter-mile squares from a grid which covers the 1,287.75 square miles of urban Los Angeles County. McCulloh then travels to the square and spends an entire day shooting with a single camera, an 18mm lens, and black and white film. The project's core is the Surrealist idea that chance can liberate us from the limitations of preconception, intention and self. As of July 1998, McCulloh had travelled 20,915.9 miles and spent 1,056 hours and 30 minutes walking chance locations.

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