Hidden Truths

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Hidden Truths catalogHidden Truths Bloody Sunday 1972.
Edited by Trisha Ziff, $25

Available from Smart Art Press in Santa Monica, California

A 200-page catalogue produced by Smart Art Press of California complements the exhibition with essays by scholars, peace activists, family members, eye-witnesses, and songwriters. It contains a wealth of color and black and white photographs depicting the city of Derry and Bloody Sunday, as well as snapshots loaned by the families of the victims and images of objects from the exhibition. Essays, interviews, and statements provide context and commentary from different perspectives on the event. Among the voices represented are exhibition curator Trisha Ziff; human rights activist Don Mullan; British journalist Peter Pringle; Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams; California State Senator Tom Hayden; photographer Gilles Peress; family of the victims Kathleen Kelly, Tony Doherty, Kathleen and Elaine Brotherton; and several others.

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