Craig Stecyk

Craig Stecyk's photographs are an extension of his interest as an artist and as an archivist of the material nature of the history of beach surf and skate culture. His documentation of the transitions of the Ocean Park community during the seventies, are from the view of a surfer/artist, who was directly affected by the gentrification and elimination of a community that he was geographically and historically linked with. It was his home.

His photographs of Mickey Dora are of one of the true iconoclasts of the sport. While the industry of surfing struggled to cast this handsome and charismatic loner as a marketing symbol, he simultaneously tried to deconstruct himself in an attempt preserve the individualist identity which he considered as the heart of surfing tradition. Stecyk's writings on the cultural evolution of surfing and the Dogtown era have helped to also define him as an unlikely historian on the subject. He describes himself within that role as that of, "a thinking man amidst a non-thinking industry."

Mickey Dora
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