UCR/California Museum of Photography

Lucien Clergue's Signs of Gods and Goddesses

Photograph by Lucien Clergue

On exhibition September 26 through November 23, 1997

Signs of Gods and Goddesses: Four Decades of Lucien Clergue's Photography features nearly one hundred photographs including studies of the female nude, the bullfight, landscapes, the daily life of the Gypsies and portraits of Clergue's friends Picasso and Cocteau. It also includes portions of his most recent work combining studies of the male and female nude with nineteenth century etchings of Milton's Paradise Lost.

Clergue has said, "Three subjects are my main interest: death, life and a kind of no-man's-land in between. The death of the bulls at the bullfight, the nude female in true nature, landscape, seascape, sandscape are the essentials of my permanent research to find the beginnings of our world and ourselves."

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