Lucien Clergue: Recent Work

Photograph by Lucien Clergue

Triptych, copyright Lucien Clergue

While a departure in topic from his landscapes, Clergue's most recent work maintains a concern with the symbolic. Where his earlier work called upon ancient mythology, Clergue's new work combines etchings from a nineteenth century French edition of John Milton's seventeenth century blank-verse epic Paradise Lost with his photography of the nude.

Clergue's recent work not only draws together nineteenth century illustration with twentieth century visual practice, it also draws a line of connection between Milton's English Puritan foundationalist tale of Judeo-Christian morality detailing Lucifer's revolt against God and the fall of Adam and Eve and Clergue's own exploration of the body's representation. Clergue positions his photographs of male and female nudes in relation to the etchings to form triptychs producing interesting and sometimes ironic commentaries upon the original drawings.

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