Photograph by Lucien ClerguePhotograph by Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue: Landscapes

Clergue notes that while he had been doing serious work on landscape since 1959 he did not initially seek symbolic representations. However, his arrival at Point Lobos made such imagery obvious to him.

Here his artistic practice most obviously pursues the idea of photography as a special form of sight. Notwithstanding his early images of dead and inanimate things, Clergue's photography seeks an understanding of the beginnings and continuations of things. The seeming preoccupations with death in Clergue's earliest work must be understood as part of a continuum of life. Clergue finds in his photography the continuing presence of the sacred understood as an invisible order of reality serving as the ultimate source of meaning; one that can only be "seen" as a "footprint."

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